Meet the Staff

Albert McGee: co-founder/owner/manager
Specialty: bookkeeping/inventory management/customer service
Albert has always been a voracious reader (as are all McGee’s). Studied English and Creative Writing at Texas State University.
From construction/food service/doorman/headshop/delivery etc. Albert eventually managed every job he worked. After so many dead end jobs, he was ready to roll the dice. Lucky to live in a relatively well read city.
Getting to work with his father and talking with fellow bibliophiles…couldn’t ask for a better job.
Erwin McGee: co-founder
Specialty: acquisitions/appraisals/customer service
 Born in Houston Texas, Erwin came to Austin during the sixties and attended high school at the old Austin High campus (currently ACC) on Rio Grande.  He stayed in Austin, and graduated from UT. He subsequently moved to San Antonio and received his law degree from St. Marys University.
Erwin is now semi-retired from his private law practice and currently splits his time between casework and running Balcones Books with his son, Albert McGee.
 He also teaches political economics for the Lifetime Learning Institute which provides affordable college level classes for men and women over the age of fifty.