Meet the Staff

Albert McGee: owner/cofounder/manager
Specialty: bookkeeping/inventory management/customer service
Albert has always been a voracious reader (as are all McGees). Studied English and Creative Writing at Texas State University.
From construction/food service/doorman/headshop/delivery etc. Albert eventually managed every job he ever worked.
After working so many dead end jobs he needed a change. It was time to take a chance, he wanted something he could call his own. Getting to work with family makes it all the sweeter. Couldn’t be happier!
Erwin McGee: cofounder
Specialty: acquisitions/appraisals/customer service
 Son of former Texas Supreme Court Justice William Sears McGee, Erwin recently retired from his private law practice and was free to pursue the two things he’s always wanted to do: teach and open a neighborhood bookstore.
 He now teaches political economics for the Lifetime Learning Institute (a non profit organization which provides free classes for men and women over the age of fifty).
When he’s not in class he’s on cloud 9 at the store, surrounded by books and people who share his passion.